Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Elizabeth and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS) at Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Previously I worked as a project coordinator on the Java Coursera Specialization project at Duke University, where I supported five Coursera courses about introductory Java Programming, including creating instructional materials and coordinating data-driven improvements.

I’m interested in the intersection of learning science, design, and technology: I’m fascinated by how people learn, and passionate about applying my background in cognitive science, computer science, and human-computer interaction to designing technology that helps them learn more effectively. I love talking with people about design, technology, and education, so if you’d like to chat, please get in touch! You can email me at eonstwed [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu

In my free time, I like playing music and travelling to new places.