• Time: 7 months (currently in progress)
  • Team: 6 people
  • Role: team lead

This is a 7-month project with Edmentum, an educational technology company. We are working with Edmentum to analyze the different types of teachers who use their Study Island formative assessment product, and help teachers use Study Island more effectively by exploring learning analytics dashboard design. Our final deliverable to Edmentum will be a working prototype of our design.


Affinity diagram synthesizing data from 13 teacher interviews

We are currently about halfway through the project. In the spring, we completed our first round of research, including interviews and surveys of users, literature review, and competitive analysis, and ideation. As we move into summer we are conducting iterative prototyping and user testing. Alongside prototyping, we are also analyzing the Study Island usage data to investigate using Bayesian knowledge tracing and knowledge component mapping to model student mastery of skills more accurately.